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Your customers expect a vaping experience that stands out. VapeSure Components by Porex set the stage for success by improving the accuracy and consistency of your electronic vapor delivery systems with components that can be fully customized to your unique design specifications.

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choose VapeSure Components by Porex for your vaping components?


    VapeSure Components by Porex delivers superior accuracy and consistency – so you can deliver superior design and performance.


    Backed by over 30 years of experience in the smokeless tobacco space as well as decades of regulatory expertise, VapeSure Components by Porex delivers leading industry partnership and innovation from initial spec and design to development and delivery.


    Across the globe, our account, engineering, and customer service teams are knowledgeable, responsive, and dedicated to your success.


Regional, federal and state regulations target the overall safety of vapor devices. Direct control over the quality and safety of your devices is critical to reducing redesign to meet requirements.

VapeSure Components by Porex is backed by decades of regulatory and compliance experience  and offers dedicated staff to support regulatory approval processes.

The Possibilities

VapeSure Components by Porex is backed by the Porex promise.

The Porex promise means you can count on our decades of global expertise and market-leading engineering, development, and regulatory experience to deliver the vaping component solutions that differentiate and protect your brand.

We’re a proven innovation and collaboration partner and we are dedicated to your success.

High Capacity, Fast-Acting

What we Deliver

  • Superior e-liquid retention
  • Leakage prevention for free or condensed e-liquid
  • Customized for seamless integration into your device

Why It Matters

Safety and consistency are paramount. VapeSure absorbers help your devices exceed the highest standards of performance by reducing e-liquid leakage.  

Product mobile absorber
Controlled, Consistent

What We Deliver

  • Uniform absorption and delivery
  • Easy assemblage
  • Customized dimensions to optimize fluid capacity

Why It Matters

Your customers expect a dependable experience from first to last puff. Our high-performance materials support accurate, consistent fluid delivery with no processing aids to interfere with taste.

Product mobile reservoir
Efficient, Reliable

What We Deliver

  • Consistent pore volume for controlled capillary draw
  • Three-dimensional geometries to fit unique needs of your device
  • Functional temperatures up to 220°C

Why It Matters

Controlled, reliable wicking supports consistent e-liquid delivery. Our customizable wicks help you ensure a high quality experience.

Product mobile wick
Rigorous, High Performance

What We Deliver

  • Equalized pressure for controlled delivery of e-liquid to heat source
  • High airflow for consistent optimal experience
  • Customized to fit your device design

Why It Matters

Reliable function matters. Protect your devices from leakage and overheating while improving consistency of experience with our industry-leading venting solutions.

Product mobile vent


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  • 5.5.2016

    FDA releases rules applying to e-cigarettes and other nicotine products

    "Today’s actions will subject all manufacturers, importers, and/or retailers of newly-regulated tobacco products to any applicable provisions.” - FDA

  • 4.4.2016

    VapeSure Solutions by Porex at Shenzhen International eCig Expo

    We'll be at the Shenzhen International eCig Expo April 15-17.